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Jugaadubaba is an online tender portal designed to take companies and vendors towards an innovative future of procurement.

We combine technology and principles of game theory to offer cost-effective solutions to your business needs. We work towards managing an ecosystem for professional trade build on transparency, trust and tailored services for each business. Jugaadubaba’s strategy is to create lasting relationships with and in-between businesses for a prosperous tomorrow. Honest and express economising is our way, one step at a time that is how Jugaadubaba likes to play.

About the Portal

Jugaadubaba’s digital portal streamlines business interactions. Sign up as a company or vendor, depending upon your requirements and get lowest three quotations.
You can also browse through various open tenders by major companies and glance at quotations by vendors.

Jugaadubaba for Companies

As a Business, Jugaadubaba not only makes business purchases more effective and less time consuming but also releases your company from long conversations with purchase managers and procurement consultantsand save time. Once you sign up on the website, you can proceed to issue a tender for your specific requirements.

Once your tender is up, vendors can then bid quotations directly to it. This portal optimises cost efficiency by providing you with the 3 lowest quotations by vendors, thatyou can further engage in for negotiation.

Jugaadubaba for Vendors

Vendors on the website are offered the experience of viewing hundreds of open tenders that you can further partake in. As a vendor, you can view different companies and choose among the best to be on your client list.

Once you choose a tender, you can place a bid. Because of Jugaadubaba’s clear workings, you can be assured of negotiating directly with authentic companies looking for resources.